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Amon Hen 108


Amon Hen 108 is the one-hundred and eighth issue of the Amon Hen journal by The Tolkien Society.

Reprinted by kind permission of The Tolkien Society and the named cover artist(s) - all rights reserved.

[edit] Contents

  • Cover: Elwing
    • By: SST
  • Editorial
    • By: Tony Curtis
  • Contents
  • Announcements
  • Reviews
    • By: various contributors
  • Behind Glass Doors
    • By: Debi Haigh-Hutchinson
  • Letters
  • Feanor - archetype and prototype
  • Artwork: Moonrise on the Spider's Pass
    • By: Trevor Urmston
  • Mathom
    • By: Gwyneth Morgan
  • Book News
    • By: Jessica Yates
  • Small Press
    • By: Debi Haigh-Hutchinson
  • Fear No Darkness
  • Debi's Dabblings
    • By: Debi Haigh-Hutchinson
  • Tolk Folk
  • Additional Calligraphy and Artwork
    • By: Kirsty Beck, Bryan Glenet, Tony Curtis, Nick Brown, Martin Roe, Ian Collier, SST, Geraint Rees, Steve Lines & Mervyn Finlay

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