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DistinctionsAncestors of the Vanyar; none of of whom became the Avari
MembersImin, Iminyë

Minyar (Q), was the original name of the first Clan of the Elves, before the Great March. The Clan-name, meaning 'Firsts' was derived from the name of the father of the Clan, Imin 'One', the first Elf-father to awake at Cuiviénen.

The other original clans in Cuiviénen were the Tatyar 'Seconds', and the Nelyar 'Thirds' according to the Elf-fathers Tata 'Two' and Enel 'Three'. The Minyar were the 14/144 of the total population. They all followed Ingwë in the March and became the Vanyar. None remained behind.[1]

[edit] References

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