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Tumladen (Gondor)

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This article is about the valley in Gondor. For the valley of Gondolin, see Tumladen.

Tumladen was a valley in southern Gondor, located near Lossarnach, in or just east of Lebennin. During the War of the Ring, Tumladen was made a refuge for some of the women, children, and elderly who were evacuated from Minas Tirith.[1]

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2015: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Tumladen was located in Upper Lebennin in Eastern Gondor. The river Sirith flowed through it. "Imladir" was the Captain of the Guard of Tumladen, but in the days before the Battle of the Pelennor Fields the "Lady Terenis", sister of Steward Denethor, dwelt in Tumladen and held the true power in the valley.


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