A Path from Rome

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A Path from Rome: An Autobiography
A Path from Rome (paperback).jpg
AuthorAnthony Kenny
PublisherSidgwick & Jackson Ltd (1st ed.); Oxford Paperbacks
Released25 April 1985; December 1986
FormatHardcover; Paperback
Pages214; 208
ISBN978-0283989643 (hardback)
978-0192830500 (paperback)

A Path from Rome: An Autobiography is a 1985 memoir by Anthony Kenny which includes a reminiscence of J.R.R. Tolkien's work on The Jerusalem Bible. Kenny describes a meeting with Tolkien about the project, and calls him "a difficult collaborator".[1][2]

From the Publisher[edit]

This frank and lively autobiography of a man who ultimately left the Catholic church to become a philosophy professor at Oxford, sheds light on the rigors of seminary life, the rigid Latin teaching at the Gregorian University, and the Spartan pleasures of the English College in Rome. An in-depth account of a personal love affair with Catholicism, the book tackles some of the most important moral questions of our day.


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