Adamant Chenni

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Адамант Хенны
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AuthorNick Perumov

The Adamant of Henna ("Адамант Хенны") is a Russian-language fiction book set in Middle-earth. It is the third and final novel in the Ring of Darkness fantasy series.

From the publisher[1]

A few decades after the fall of Olmer and the Grey squadron, strange things begin to happen on the outskirts of the Kingdom, which does not escape Folko Brandybuck and his friends, who promptly break up and head east. This is precisely where the hobbit dagger call them with its magical power. And it is from there that Folko have strange visions, in which light is more merciless and more dangerous than the darkness, and suddenly it appears like the Defenders of Light threaten Middle-earth with an inevitable downfall.


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