Amon Lanc

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Amon Lanc, the Naked Hill, was a hill in the southern parts of Greenwood the Great.[1]


Amon Lanc was the highest point of the highland at the southwestern corner of the Greenwood. It gained its name from the fact that no trees ever grew upon its summit.[1] Once the Silvan Elves had lived near the hill under Oropher in the Second Age,[2] However, Oropher abandoned the dwellings upon Amon Lanc due to being disturbed of Sauron's rising power and moved to the western side of the Emyn Duir.[3]

Around a millennium after his defeat, Sauron came to Amon Lanc and reoccupied Oropher's abandoned stronghold. The hill and fortress were then together called Dol Guldur, and the wood in which it stood became known as Mirkwood.[1]

In the Fourth Age, southern Mirkwood became known as East Lórien[4] and Amon Lanc obviously became part of it.


Amon Lanc is a Sindarin name, consisting of amon ("hill") + lanc ("naked").[1]