Anja Hegemann

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Cover of Anja Hegemann’s German translation of Mr. Bliss.

Anja Bertsch-Hegemann (née Hegemann) (June 11, 1920 — ?)[1] was a German translator and poetess.

Anja Hegemann was born in Munich and grew up in Cologne. In 1945 she began to study studies of languages and since 1949 she worked as a secretary for a journalist. In 1954 she gave up her job and began to work as a freelance author when she got a literary scholarship.[2]

She translated books by authors like John Lodwick, Albert Lamorisse and Anwar El Sadat into German. In 1972 her poetic anthology Atemzeit was published.[3]

Anja Hegemann translated J. R. R. Tolkien’s works Mr. Bliss (Herr Glück, 1983) and The Father Christmas Letters (Die Briefe vom Weihnachstmann, 1975; Briefe vom Weihnachtsmann (revised edition), 2005) into German.

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