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Atani was a Quenya name for Men,[1] and especially the Men of the Three Houses of the Edain. However it was seldomly applied to the Men east of the Blue Mountains.[2]


Atan pl. Atani is glossed as "Second People" in the Silmarillion Index. (cf: atta "two").

The equivalents of Sindarin are Adan pl. Edain.

The word appears in names such as Núnatani, Hróatani, Atanalcar, Atanamir, Atanatar and Atanatari.

Other versions of the legendarium

In a draft to the text Of Dwarves and Men, Tolkien considered that the word is derived from the language of the Folk of Bëor, but as Christopher Tolkien noted, it contradicted the final version of The Silmarillion.[3]