Bregalad's Song

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This article describes a concept which is mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's works, but was never given a definite name.

"Bregalad's song" is a lament that Bregalad the Ent sings for Merry and Pippin on 30 February T.A. 3019[1] while he keeps them company as the other Ents continue to hold their Entmoot. The first line names three trees that Bregalad was especially fond of that are now gone, cut down by Orcs from Isengard. Bregalad softly sings in many tongues and the two hobbits fall asleep to the sound of his voice.[2]

O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!
O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay!
O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer's day,
Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft:
Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft!
O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey;
Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day.
O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!



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