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Cambridge is a town in England, known for its University of Cambridge.

Tolkien and Cambridge[edit | edit source]

J.R.R. Tolkien is known to have visited Cambridge at least once in his youth, for a King Edward's School 1st XV football match against the Leys School on 1 November 1910.[1]

As a fellow of Merton College he visited the college's estates in Cambridge in September 1947. These included Merton Hall and Pythagoras Hall.[2]

He later visited Corpus Christi College in Cambridge on a number of occasions to view the manuscript of Ancrene Wisse: September 1948, 11-18 August 1952 (see also a photograph of Tolkien at the Garden House Hotel during this period, “The Laughing Philosopher” Tolkien Estate website), October-November 1952, December 1956, 7 May 1957.[3]

Between the 8th and 15th May 1954, Tolkien was in Cambridge as an elector for the chair of Medieval and Renaissance English, a post designed for C.S. Lewis. Although Lewis was initially reluctant to take the post, he eventually accepted. [4]

Tolkien is recorded as having dined formally a couple of times ad eundem in Cambridge, 22 May 1954, 9 July 1960 and 23 July 1966[5]; less formally, he dined or stayed with individuals in Cambridge: he dined with Hugh Brogan on 20 March 1949 (where he fell down the stairs)[6]; at a house with no radio 30 October 1955 (so he missed a discussion of his works)[7]; staying in Cambridge at the end of July 1960[8]; and with Glyn Daniel in August 1973[9]

In mid-May 1961, one of Tolkien's visits to Cambridge included a Sunday spent with a fan club at Queen's College.[10]

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