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Katarzyna Karina Chmiel-Gugulska
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Katarzyna Karina Chmiel-Gugulska is a Polish artist and illustrator. At university, she studied philosophy and art. Chmiel is a member of the Parmadili, the Tolkien Section of the Silesian Fantasy Club . Her essays and artwork have appeared in the Parmadili 's almanac, Aiglos, and in the journal Other Minds. She has also provided concept art for Born of Hope.


  • 2004: Aiglos 1
    • "London exhibition The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy" (review)
  • 2005: Aiglos 4
    • "10000 Costumes for the Actors Under the Sky, 6000 Costumes for the Extras in Their Palaces of Stone"
    • "A Few Words About Fanfiction"
  • 2005: Aiglos Special Issue I
    • "Reflections on Good in Tolkien's Legendarium"
    • "The Dispossessed" (fan fiction)
  • 2006: Aiglos 5
    • "Reflections on the Good in Tolkien's Legendarium" (re-run)
  • 2006: Aiglos 6
    • "The Trial of Maeglin"
  • 2007: Aiglos 7
    • "Atar" (fan fiction)
  • 2007: Aiglos 8
    • "The Man Who Was Fortunate Neither In Hairdos Nor In Happy Ends"
  • 2008: Aiglos 9
    • "Three Elves in a Boat, to Say Nothing of Huan"
  • 2008: Aiglos 10
    • "The Act of Mercy" (fan fiction)
    • "The Whole Truth About Amon Hen" (fan fiction)
  • 2012: Aiglos Special Issue II
    • "Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of Huan)"[1]

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  1. A slightly different translation of the title as published in the Aiglos Special Issue II (accessed 1 September 2016)