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Born of Hope is a fan film directed by Kate Madison and written by Paula DiSante (as Alex K. Aldridge), produced by Actors at Work. It was released online on December 1, 2009.


Set in the late Third Age, Sauron's power is increasing. His orcs are constantly seeking out the remnants of the bloodline of Elendil, kept alive in the Dúnedain. Dírhael, his wife Ivorwen and their daughter Gilraen are fleeing from an attack on their village when they are ambushed by orcs on a forest road, and saved by a group of rangers led by Arathorn. Not having any place safer to go, the refugees are taken by Arathorn to Taurdal, the village led by his father and Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Arador. While there, Arathorn and Arador ponder over the orcs' motives after finding various pieces of jewelry on their bodies. During her stay in Taurdal, Gilraen falls in love with Arathorn.

In light of the attacks on surrounding settlements, Arador leads his forces on a campaign against the orcs in the area in an attempt to restore peace to the region. Meanwhile, he sends Arathorn separately in an attempt to determine the meaning behind the attacks. Both are successful, and Arathorn discovers the orcs are serving Sauron, who seeks the Ring of Barahir. Arathorn and Gilraen receive Arador's blessing to be wed, but Arathorn cannot summon the courage to ask Dírhael for his daughter's hand. Arador is summoned to Rivendell to seek Elrond's council, and the wedding is postponed until his return. Arathorn eventually confronts Dírhael, and the two are married.

A year later, Arador is killed by a hill troll in the Coldfells, making Arathorn the chieftain of the Dúnedain. Gilraen becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Aragorn. Taurdal knows peace for a while, until Elladan and Elrohir come with news from Rivendell. Elrond has sensed that danger is once again threatening the region, and they request that Gilraen and Aragorn be brought back to Rivendell for safekeeping, as is the tradition with all Dúnedain heirs to the chiefdom. Before Arathorn and Gilraen can come to a decision, orcs attack the village. They are beaten off, and Arathorn leads the Rangers in pursuit of the stragglers. They are successful, but Arathorn is mortally wounded in the process. Without a chieftain capable of leading them, the Dúnedain disband Taurdal and go to hide in secret in the forests of Rhudaur, while Aragorn is brought to Rivendell.

Production Information

For the information booklet (pdf), see here. Warning - the page may take a long time to load.

This is quoted from the information booklet of the film:

"Born of Hope is a 60 minute Lord of the Rings inspired film being produced in the UK. A low budget production, the entire cast and crew are giving their services for no financial gain. The subject matter and quality has attracted people from around the world to join the team, even gaining support and interest from some of the original New Line Trilogy cast and crew members including Richard Taylor and the Oscar winning team at Weta Workshop, New Zealand.

"Born of Hope is a non-commercial production being created for free internet download for film fans worldwide. It is being made purely for entertainment purposes and to keep the storytelling history of Middle Earth (sic) alive.

"The trailer and video featurettes from the test shoot in April 2006 have been well received at many conventions and exhibitions around the world and we have a large following anxiously awaiting the release of the finished film.

"This project has been around for almost five years, with the original idea forming in 2003 when actor/filmmaker Kate Madison wanted to send a film to a Tolkien Fan Film Exhibition. However, from a small spark the idea grew into a hugely ambitious project and in April 2006 we embarked on a test shoot filming a collection of scenes from the film. The final draft of the script has now been developed and we are in pre-production with principal photography scheduled to take place from July to December 2008 with an estimated release in 2009."


Role Actor
Arathorn II Christopher Dane
Gilraen Beth Aynsley
Aragorn (aged 2) Luke Johnston
Dírhael Andrew McDonald
Ivorwen Philippa Hammond
Elgarain Kate Madison
Dirhaborn Danny George
Arador Iain Marshall
Halbaron Howard Corlett
Evonyn Amani Johara
Mallor Raphael Edwards
Halbarad Ollie Goodchild (16 years old)
Lars Mattes (11 years old)
Elrohir Sam Kennard
Elladan Matt Kennard


This is a partial list. For the full credits, see here.


The film has garnered the attention of various professionals who worked on Jackson's trilogy:

Amazing stuff. It's incredible to see what craftsmanship, sensitivity and attention to detail is being brought to bear on this ambitious project. Everything so far looks amazing and I can't wait to see the finished film.

I really admire what you are doing and would love to support your efforts in some way.

It looks like you people are putting together an awesome project--I'm looking forward to seeing the film, myself. Best wishes on completion of the project.


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