The Peril to the Shire

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The Peril to the Shire is a fan film written and directed by Douglas Dunklin, produced by Pointy Stick Productions.

Production Information[edit | edit source]

The Peril to the Shire was created as an experience project by a group of home-schooled students and their families from Coweta and Fayette counties, Georgia.

Written by Colonel Douglas Dunklin, the original screenplay explores a "what if" scenario based on The Appendices. It was originally written as a Christmas present to his daughter in 2005.

The project to turn it into a film started in March of 2006, by gathering several friends and families and forming "Pointy Stick Productions". The film was completed in June 2007, and premiered to a private audience that same month.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story takes place some four months after Frodo left the Shire (December T.A. 3018); main players are Rose Cotton and her (original) cousin Hamfoot. On their road to Budgeford, they come across a wounded Elf maid with a dire message.

Rosie and her cousin, along with some friends set out to save the Shire from imminent destruction. The danger is far bigger than they could ever imagine

Characters[edit | edit source]

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Director: Douglas Dunklin
  • Writer: Douglas Dunklin
  • Concept art:
    • Rachel Brown
    • Grace Dunklin
  • Storyboards
    • Caitlin Clary
    • Sutton Milukas
    • Evan Stroud
    • Douglas Dunklin
  • Sindarin translators:
    • J. Michele Swartz
    • Lauren Leak

Reception[edit | edit source]

"I had the real blessing of watching Peril to the Shire and I have to say I enjoyed it enormously! I can't believe the passion and devotion to Tolkien that was behind such a great undertaking."
― "Patty" at
"A well thought out storyline. I do like the what was the rest of the world was doing while the Fellowship was off gallivanting about tales. [...] The talents of your elvish singers and harpist also deserve recognition. Your credits [...] complete with popsicle wrangler [...] were a treat as well."
― "Sevilodorf" at

Trailer[edit | edit source]

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