Wings Over Arda: The First Age

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Wings Over Arda: The First Age is a fan film made by Richard Hartshorn, which follows two stories: Tuor and Voronwë's journey to Gondolin, and Dior's life in Doriath with possession of a Silmaril. It was filmed in the north-east United States in late 2010, and was released on 26 February 2011.


Wings Over Arda: The First Age is a 2010 drama/fantasy film created and produced by Heart's Horn Imaginations. The script was written by Richard Hartshorn, adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, with some material sourcing The Book(s) of Lost Tales and The Shaping of Middle-earth, as well as the published poetry of Tolkien. The film follows two stories: the journeys of Tuor and Voronwë as they travel to Gondolin to warn Turgon of Morgoth's coming, as well as the struggles of Dior and his family as he attempts to renew the glory of Doriath with the power of the Silmaril passed to him by Beren. The film was shot on an out-of-pocket budget over a short period in late 2010.


Role Actor
Tuor Eladar Richard Hartshorn
Voronwë Jennifer Wicks
Dior Philip Hartshorn
Idril Celebrindal Stephanie Cromme
Caranthir the Dark Samuel Aguirre
Elwing Anna Pauline Kenzie
Celegorm the Fair Juan Carlos Tapia
Curufin the Crafty Jonathan Duncan
Turgon the Wise Frank Massi
Nimloth Lynne Merrihew
Maeglin Tom Hartnett
Ecthelion Evan Tomlinson
Ulmo Timothy Lake
Glorfindel Ginger Anne London
Galdor Michela Dee
Fëanor R. Walter Hartshorn
Sindar Lieutenant Corey Harrington
Green Elf Lord Ian Lanier
Naugladur (Dwarf King) Eric Oakes
Dwarf Bodyguard Jack Durnin
Curufin's Wife Michela Dee
Miscellaneous Noldor Zack Fitzsimmons
Kim Wicks
Amelia Hoffman
Nikki Notaro

The cast list does not include the actors who play Beren, Elu Thingol, unnamed Sindar and Easterlings.


  • Director: Richard Hartshorn
  • Writer: Richard Hartshorn
  • Editor: Philip Hartshorn
  • Special Effects: Jack Durnin
  • Costumes: Jennifer Wicks
  • Choreography: Philip Hartshorn
  • Camera: Jack Durnin
  • Lighting: Stephanie Cromme
  • Technician: Stephanie Cromme

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