Dol Baran

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As depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online

Dol Baran was the last southernmost hill of the Misty Mountains.[1]


Dol Baran was round, crowned with heather with green lower slopes. It was located southwest of the southwestern end of Nan Curunir about a mile west of the road that ran from Isengard to the Fords of Isen.[1]


After the visit to Isengard the party accompanying King Théoden camped in a dale on its southern side for the night[1] on 5 March[2]. It was here that Peregrin Took looked into the Palantír of Orthanc and later that a Nazgûl flew over on its way to see Saruman[1]


Dol Baran is a Sindarin name. Its meaning is not glossed, but Paul Strack suggests that it means "Bare Hill".[3] It is a compound of dol ("head", "hill") and paran ("naked", "bare", "smooth", "shaven") referring to its lack of trees.[4]

Portrayals in Adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online

A landmark within the Heathfells area of the Gap of Rohan, Dol Baran is a site of skirmish between Rohirrim and Dunlending forces.