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Dor Daedeloth (song)

From Tolkien Gateway

Dor Daedeloth is a song by Tolkien metal band Summoning. It appears in their second full-length album Minas Morgul, released in 1995.


My heart for your word, Ered Engrin,
and watch your folk, tired and small
all hope lies in its last breath...
You won't fear us, for we won't bring you anything
but a fading spirit,
the essence of my frost cries...

frost and ice destroy...

My heart for your word, Dor Daedeloth,
You have seen the journey of time, and let us,
half mortal beings, take part of the truth
and the solitude of mankind, forewer...

Wherever we go, wherever we stand, silence
covers the blood soaken land,
and so we pass the mountains of Ered Gorgoroth.

Five shillvets are crossing the plains
to the wide open forests of the west
on and on they are travelling, in
the direction of Hithlum
called Nebelland, that made me
asking for eternity...