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Dungeon Adventure

From Tolkien Gateway
Video game
Dungeon Adventure
DeveloperLevel 9 Computing[1]
PublisherLevel 9 Computing[1]
PlatformAmstrad CPC, Atari 400, BBC, Commodore 64, Lynx, Memotech, MSX, Nascom, Oric-1, ZX Spectrum
Release Date1984

Dungeon Adventure is a text-adventure made by Pete, Mike and Nick Austin.[2][3] It covers the Lord of the Rings and is the third and last part of The Middle-Earth Trilogy.[4] Later, all names from Tolkien's work were changed and it was published (together with Colossal Adventure and Adventure Quest) as The Jewels of Darkness by Firebird and Rainbird Software.[2][3][4]


After the defeat of Sauron the Dark Tower was destroyed but its treasures remain. The player must collect the treasures but the evil of Sauron still remains in the dungeons of the Dark Tower as well as some of his minions.[5]


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