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Ebba-Margareta von Freymann (née de Pers) (December 13, 1907- November 20, 1995) was an Austrian-born poetess and translator.

The daughter of an Austrian father and a Swedish mother, Ebba-Margareta de Pers grew up bilingual in both countries. In 1929 she married a Finnish businessman, Ernst von Freymann. They had two children, Thelma (b. 1932) and Kaarlo (b. 1935). During World War II, the family moved to Germany, where they also stayed after the war.

In her youth, she had already published several poems, and between 1969 and 1970 she translated the songs and poems of The Lord of the Rings into German.

In 1977 the widowed poetess moved to her daughter Thelma von Freymann, who lived near Hildesheim. There she translated, with the help of her daughter, every poem of the anthology The Adventures of Tom Bombadil (published as Die Abenteuer des Tom Bombadil in 1984), while Thelma von Freymann translated the preface.

In 1991 she translated the poem Bilbo's Last Song (Bilbos Abschiedslied).

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