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Elda was a Quenya adjective meaning "of the stars"[1] which came to mean the noun Eldo, "one of the people of the Stars", later merged and became Elda (pl. Eldar, p.pl Eldali.[2])

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Common Eldarin eldâ, an adjectival formation meaning "connected or concerned with the stars" itself coming from an earlier Primitive Quendian eledâ[3][4] from root ELED.[5]

Other forms[edit | edit source]

  • poss. sg. eldava "Elf's"[6]
  • gen. pl. eldaron "of Elves"[7]
  • dative pl. eldain "for Elves"[8]
  • poss. pl. Eldaiva, Eldaive "Elves'"[9]

Cognates[edit | edit source]