Ellor Eshúrizel

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Ellor Eshúrizel
General Information
Other namesEllor
DescriptionA habitable planetary body with a silver patterned floor
RegionsÖshül-küllösh and the Green Sea

Ellor Eshúrizel was the second planet that Michael George Ramer had visited with his mind.

History[edit | edit source]

Ramer thought it could be one of the worlds inhabited by the En-keladim, as it was designed by minds.[1]:206-7 He described the world as follows:

That immense plain with its silver floor all delicately patterned; the shapely cliffs and convoluted hills. The whole world was designed with such loveliness, not of one thought, but of many in harmony; though in all its shapes there was nowhere any to recall what we call organic life. There "inanimate nature" was orderly, symmetrical, unconfused, yet intricate, beyond my mind's unravelling, in its flowing modulations and recollections: a garden, a paradise of water, metal, stone, like the interwoven variations of vast natural orders of flowers. Eshúrizel! Blue, white, silver, grey, blushing to rich purples were its themes, in which a glint of red was like an apocalyptic vision of essential Redness, and a gleam of gold was like the glory of the Sun. And there was music, too. For there were many streams, water abundant – or some fairer counterpart, less wayward, more skilled in the enchantment of light and in the making of innumerable sounds. There the great water fall of Öshül-küllösh fell down its three hundred steps in a sequence of notes and chords of which I can only hear faint echoes now. I think the En-keladim dwell there.[1]:198-9