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General Information
OriginsEllor Eshúrizel,
LocationsNear Öshül-küllösh on Ellor Eshúrizel
Possibly many worlds, including Arda
Many tongues
Physical Description
Average HeightTall, but not lofty

The En-keladim were a race of beings that originated around Öshül-küllösh on the planet Ellor Eshúrizel that spread throughout according to Michael George Ramer in The Notion Club Papers.[1]


When Michael George Ramer travelled with his mind to Ellor Eshúrizel, he believed that he saw the En-keladim in humane forms that marvellously surpassed varied beauty. Ramer speculated that these true forms, if they had any, were invisible, only becoming visible when entering a work of their own.[1]

He witnessed the En-keladim performing the Drama of the Silver Tree, one of their Keladian plays. Ramer watched as they sat in a circle, singing in Keladian. As they sang, the story of the Drama of the Silver Tree took "visible life among them".[1]

Later, when Ramer recounted his experience in the Notion Club, he likened them as being Elvish in a way, but not like what most Men think of Elves, not being lofty or fallen.[1]

After Ramer's recollection, Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy asked if he would consider them to be hnau, and if they perhaps possess their own language. To this, Ramer supposed that the En-keladim possessed many languages, but that he may have forgotten them. To Jeremy's question about whether they were hnau, Ramer answered without hesitation that they were not hnau because the En-keladim were not bound to a single form. Rather, they made, or took, their own, or went around invisible without feeling naked.[1]

Ramer then theorized that Ellor Eshúrizel was but one of the many worlds throughout that the En-keladim inhabited, speculating they were devoted to what Men called matter, especially with its beauty. Ramer then further speculated that perhaps this meant that they possibly had, or still have, an habitation on Arda with work to do still.[1]

In a footnote written by Nicholas Guildford, the En-keladim were said to be language-makers.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

In Note 64, Christopher Tolkien revealed that the En-keladim were originally named as the Mârim, which was then changed immediately to the Albarim. In Note 65, Ramer originally likened the En-keladim as being Eldilic as well as being similar to J.R.R. Tolkien's Unfallen Elves or even being some lesser rank of the Eldila from C.S. Lewis's The Space Trilogy, yet not being the same.[2]