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The Notion Club was a literary discussion group based in Oxford.

In 2012, Howard Green, a School Clerk, found a disordered bundle of papers on the top of one of a number of sacks of waste paper in the basement of the Examination Schools at Oxford. They were loosely tied with a red string and on the outer sheet was inscribed in large Lombardic capitals: NOTION CLUB PAPERS. Later, it was discovered that the papers reported approximately one hundred meetings of a certain discussion group. The meetings took place between c. 1980 and 1990, and Lowdham was one of its members.[1]

During those meetings, many of the members reported having strange dreams, in which it seemed to them that they travelled through space or time.[2][3] During a meeting that took place on 12 June, 1987, labeled Night 67, a great storm hit England, and strange clouds in the shapes of eagles hovered above Oxford.[4] After that night, Alwin Arundel Lowdham and Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy, went missing and were only later heard from by a letter where it was found that they were on a journey across the country.[5] and returned to Oxford just one day before the next meeting, which took place on 25 September, 1987.[6]


Members of the Notion Club
Michael George Ramer · Rupert Dolbear · Nicholas Guildford · Alwin Arundel Lowdham · Philip Frankley · Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy
James Jones · Abel Pitt · Colombo Arditi · Jonathan Markison · Gerard Manface · Ranulph Stainer · Alexander Cameron · John Jethro Rashbold