Nicholas Guildford

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Nicholas Guildford
"Notion Club Papers - Guildford" by Afalstein
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Nicholas Guildford (born in 1937) was a member of the Notion Club.


Nicholas Guildford was an archaeologist and the Club reporter who got an education at Lincoln College. He was seldom recorded as reading anything to the Club, and it was then not reported; but he appears to have written several novels.[1]

In one of the meetings, after Michael George Ramer had finished reading his story, Guildford criticized it for not having a convincing method of transportation across the space, deeming it highly unlikely or even impossible for humans to ever (in flesh) get to another planet.[2]

When Alwin Arundel Lowdham and Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy went on a journey after the Night 67, during which a great storm hit England, and in which Lowdham and Jeremy seemed to have received a vision of a sort of the Downfall of Númenor[3], he was the one who received a letter from the two, stating they were still "researching" and that "more stuff may come through".[4]


It had been shown to the editor of the Notion Club Papers, Mr. Howard Green, by a historian J.R. Titmass, that the name of Nicholas Guildford was derived from an old medieval text titled The Owl and the Nightingale and that it was a pseudonym.[1]


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