Nicholas Guildford

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Nicholas Guildford
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Nicholas Guildford (born in 1937) was a member of the Notion Club.


Guildford was an archaeologist and the Club reporter. He was seldom recorded as reading anything to the Club, and it was then not reported; but he appears to have written several novels.[1]

In one of the meetings, after Ramer had finished reading his story, Guildford criticized it for not having a convincing method of transportation across the space, deeming it highly unlikely or even impossible for humans to ever (in flesh) get to another planet.[2]

When Lowdham and Jeremy went on a journey after the Night 67, during which a great storm hit England, and in which Lowdham and Jeremy seemed to have received a vision of a sort of the Downfall of Númenor[3], he was the one who received a letter from the two, stating they were still "researching" and that "more stuff may come through".[4]


It had been shown to the editor of the Notion Club Papers, Mr. Howard Green, by a historian J.R. Titmass, that the name of Nicholas Guildford was derived from an old medieval text titled The Owl and the Nightingale and that it was a pseudonym.[1]


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