Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy

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Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy
"Notion Club Papers - Jeremy" by Afalstein
Biographical Information
PositionUniversity Lecturer in English Literature
AffiliationThe Notion Club
ParentageImplied to be a descendant of Voronwë, a Man of Númenor
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
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Wilfrid Trewin Jeremy (born in 1942) was a member of the Notion Club.


Jeremy was a university lecturer in English literature who was educated at Corpus Christi. He specialized in Escapism, and has written books on the history and the criticism of Ghost-stories, Time-travel, and Imaginary Lands.[1]

During the discussions with other members of the Club, he was often trying to arouse interest in Lewis and Williams. He was the Club's "Lewis-expert", and knew all his works, and had given lectures on Lewis and Williams.[2]

In one of the meetings, Jeremy seemed to have started receiving visions of Númenor along with Lowdham. He became aware of the meaning of the word Zigûr. He became sick, and started speaking aloud many words in, to them, an unknown language, which turned out to be Adûnaic. A great storm came, and clouds in the shapes of the eagles covered the sky. Then he began to call Lowdham by a strange name, Nimruzīr, and he in turn was named by Lowdham Abrazān. Those were their names in Adûnaic: Nimruzīr standing for Alwin and Abrazān for Trewin.[3]

Later that night, he and Lowdham tormed out of Ramer's rooms where they were having the meeting, and went on a journey, and returned after more than three months.[3][4] On their journey, they began to experience strange dreams, going back in time all the way to the Anglo-Saxon England. There, Jeremy, identified with a man named Tréowine son of Céolwulf, and Lowdham, associated with one Ælfwine son of Éadwine, arrived at Porlock in Somerset. There, Tréowine recited the poem King Sheave, to the king Éadweard.[4]

Around the year 915, in autumn, the Danes attacked Porlock. They were at first driven off and Ælfwine's company managed to capture a Danish cnearr at night. At dawn Tréowine was told by his closest friend, Ælfwine, he intended to sail off westward, perhaps to the country of the legendary king Sheaf. Tréowine agreed to accompany him at least as far as to Ireland. They got two other companions: Ceola of Somerset and Geraint of West Wales.[5]

Many days after they passed Ireland the voyagers were exhausted. A "dreamlike death" seemed to come over them, and soon they passed out. The last that is known of the journey is that Tréowine saw the world plunge down under them, while sailing the Straight Road. Later, Ælfwine found himself stranded on the beaches of Tol Eressëa where the Elves told him the stories of Valinor and Beleriand, and Lowdham received also the visions of Númenor before and during its fall.[5]

At the end it is implied that Jeremy (as well as Tréowine) was a descendant of Voronwë, a man of Númenor and a companion of Elendil the Tall on his voyage to Middle-earth; and that was the reason of his vivid dreams concerning Númenor and its downfall.[5]


b. late S.A.
b. 1942


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