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Philip Frankley
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Philip Frankley (born in 1932) was a member of the Notion Club.

History[edit | edit source]

Frankley was a poet educated at Queen's, at one time well-known as a leader of the Queer Metre movement, but now known as just a poet who had published several volumes of collected verses. He is said to have suffered from "horror borealis" - intolerance of all things Northern or Germanic, but nonetheless was a close friend of Lowdham whose chief interest lay in the Anglo-Saxon language and history.[1]

According to Guildford he regards any knowledge of his own language at any period before the Battle of Bosworth as a misdemeanour.[2]

During one of the meetings of The Notion Club, he recited the poem Imram (The Death of Saint Brendan) before the other members. He said that it came to him, more or less complete, in his dream.[3]

In 1989, Frankley published a volume of a collection of poems entitled Experiments in Pterodactylics. Of which, the opening poem was a short poem that he read at the Notion Club.[4]


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