Howard Green

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Howard Green
Biographical Information
Other namesMr. Howard Green
TitlesClerk of the Schools
PositionSchool clerk and Editor
LocationOxford, England
Notable forRediscovering The Notion Club Papers
Physical Description

Howard Green was a Man living in the 21st century England.


Howard Green was a school clerk at the Examination Schools at Oxford. After the Summer Examinations of 2012, Green discovered a disordered bundle of papers on the top of one of a number of sacks of waste paper in the basement of the school. They were loosely tied with red string and on the outer sheet was inscribed in large Lombardic capitals: NOTION CLUB PAPERS.[1]

Later, it was discovered that the papers reported approximately one hundred meetings of a certain discussion group. The meetings took place between c. 1980 and 1990, and in 2014 he published the work.[1]