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The Incarnate (Mirröanwi in Quenya[1]) races were those beings whose natural state is to exist as a union of fëa and hröa. These races were Elves, Men, Dwarves, and Ents.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Mirröanwi, singular Mirröanwë, is a Quenya word meaning "Incarnates". It is used in reference to the Children of Ilúvatar, who were designed to live as embodied souls.

Patrick H. Wynne has suggested that Mirröanwi can be analyzed as containing mi ("in") and hröa ("body").[2]

Other names[edit | edit source]

A previous term for "Incarnates" is Fairondi, which contains the word fairë ("spirit"), but the meaning of the final element is obscure.[3] Another one was hröambari,[4] clearly a combination of hröa + ambar ("habitation").


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