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LocationTol Eressëa
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Yea, 'tis an unhappy tale, for sorrow hath fared ever abroad among Men and doth so still, but in the wild days were very terrible things done and suffered; and yet hath Melko seldom devised more cruelty, nor do I know a tale that is more pitiful.

Eltas was a man whose people lived in a vale of Hisilómë and that he had come to Tol Eressëa by Olórë Mallë "in the days before the fall of Gondolin". The Tale of Turambar he had heard from the older men of his people who hated Melko and his "evil worms".[1]:70, 118

He was in the Cottage of Lost Play on the second day of the feast of Turuhalmë; in the absence of Ailios, Eltas told the tale of Turambar and the Foalókë to Eriol.[1]:69-70

After the Tale of Turambar Eltas was asked to tell the story of the Nauglafring, but he said that the tales of Tuor and Beren should be told first.[1]:144 However, he didn't tell the story of the Nauglafring, and he doesn't appear any more.