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From Tolkien Gateway

Falathar was one of three faithful companions who accompanied Eärendil on his mighty sea-voyages. He was with his captain when the ship Vingilot made its epic journey into the distant West, to reach the Blessed Realm itself.

While Eärendil and Elwing journeyed ashore, Falathar remained aboard the ship with his fellows Erellont and Aerandir. After Eärendil had delivered his embassy to the Valar, their emissary Eönwë came to the three mariners and set them in another boat. The Valar sent a wind out of the west to blow Falathar and his companions back across the Great Sea and, presumably, they landed again somewhere in Middle-earth, though their ultimate fate is not recorded.[1]


Falathar contains Sindarin falas ("shore, line of surf").[2] The ending is not explained, but a relationship to thar- "across, over, beyond" is not inconceivable.


Tolkien never specified the race of the three mariners: while it has been suggested that they were Men,[3] others argue that they were Elves.[4]


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