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This article is about an individual of the Turtle-fish. For the poem, see Fastitocalon (poem).

Fastitocalon was a legendary sea monster, apparently the last of the mighty Turtle-fish. He is only mentioned in Hobbit verse.[1]

Fastitocalon was the size of a small island and vegetation would often grow on his back when not submerged, adding to his deceitful appearance as an actual island. Because of his huge size, sailors landed on his back only to drown when he dove underwater.[1]


Fastitocalon derives from the word astitocalon of the Shire-speech (rendered in English), which itself is an alteration or corruption of the High-Elven Aspido-chelōne (rendered in Greek, meaning 'turtle with a round shield (of hide)). And "the F was put on by the versifier simply to make the name alliterate."[2]

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