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Hello, I am Zeallsh and I am relatively new to having a Tolkien Gateway account although I have been reading without an account for a while now. I was reading The Shire page and in the geography section there is a compass labeled Boundaries of the Shire, pointing south it said South Marshes without a link (all of the other directions had links to their respective places). My first thought was that somebody just forgot to link it but after many searches, I could not find the marshes, even after looking in the swamps category. I searched outside sources, and I believe that it isn't mentioned at all in the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit apart from of course where it is referenced in the prolog Concerning Hobbits where it is referred to as "the marshes in the south". It briefly describes the borders of the shire, so why am I telling you this? well as a very new member I do not know if there is enough content for a page on the marshes (I suspect there is because there are pages on towns in the shire that are only ever mentioned in the Part of the Shire Map) and, admittedly I do not know how to make any sort of a decent page on here. So, what do you think, should there be a page on these mysterious southern marshes (if you do feel free to make one and link it on this Forum) or do you think that there just isn't enough content on them? P.S. I would love to know if you can find any other mention of them in all of Tolkien's writings.