Great House

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Great House
Thorin in Esgaroth by David T. Wenzel
General Information
LocationNext to the central pool in Lake-town
DescriptionA great hall erected on piles driven into the Long Lake
DestroyedLate T.A. 2941
EventsAttack by Smaug

The Great House[1] was the hall of the Master of Lake-town. It was located next to the central pool within the town and like the other buildings stood upon wooden pilings driven into the bed of the lake.[2] In T.A. 2941[3] Thorin and Company entered the Great House where there was a feast in progress. Although the Master was sceptical of Thorin's claims, the Dwarves were welcomed by the people of Lake-town.[2] The building was later smashed by the tail of Smaug when he descended upon the township.[1]