Gunthorpe Park

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Boulder at Cannon Hill Park that could have inspired the meteorite

Gunthorpe Park was a park in Matfield according to The Notion Club Papers.


Michael George Ramer lived in Matfield there as a boy, after his family had moved to England. Ever since, he was fascinated by a large meteorite kept in the park, wondering if it could come from Malacandra. Decades later, he explained to the Notion Club that he had being visiting the meteorite recently, during the vacations. He tried to visit it at night, to avoid distractions, but he was not allowed. However, in end summer of 1985, Ramer found out his visits had produced results on him, and could experience very abstract dreams out of the meteorite's history.[1]


Christopher Tolkien claimed that he had previously tried to find a real "Gunthorpe Park in Matfield", but could not find any park with such a name in the vicinity of the only Matfield in England.[2] As Bruce Charlton explains, there are several coincidences showing that the Gunthorpe Park could be a reference to Cannon Hill Park, in Edgbaston (Birmingham).[3]