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Hollin Ridge

Hollin Ridge was a western outlier of the Misty Mountains roughly halfway between the Bruinen and the Sirannon,[1] and about forty-five leagues south of Rivendell. The ridge was low, topped by ancient holly-trees, and marked the northern border of the long-lost Elven kingdom of Eregion (also known as Hollin).[2]

On 8 January T.A. 3019, the Fellowship of the Ring reached Hollin Ridge after a long night-march.[3] From its heights the travelers could see the Mountains of Moria in the distance. They camped in a deep hollow beneath the ridge, which Aragorn re-climbed when he sensed the silence and watchfulness of the land. After the Crebain flew over their camp the Fellowship remained in hiding near the ridge until they could leave under cover of night.[2]


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