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Biographical Information
Other namesIlfrin
Ilfiniol, Elfriniol, Elfriniel, Ilfrith, Elfrith
LocationTol Eressëa
Physical Description
Eye colorblue

Littleheart was the Elven Gong-warden at the Cottage of Lost Play where he rang Tombo, the Gong of the Children, once to summon dwellers for meals, and three times to summon them for the telling of tales. He had previously travelled with Eärendel in the Wingilot on his last voyage to Kôr, and it was the ringing of Tombo which awoke the Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl.[1]

His appearance was noted as having "a weather-worn face and blue eyes of great merriment, and was very slender and small, nor might one say if he were fifty or ten thousand."[2]

His real name was Ilfrin and he told the tales of the Fall of Gondolin and the Nauglafring in The Book of Lost Tales Part Two. In his own tale of the Nauglafring, it was said by Gilfanon that only Littleheart, son of Bronweg, had seen the Nauglafring and still was alive.[3]

In the earlier legendarium, the Book of Lost Tales included, he was named Ilfiniol (also Elfriniol, Elfriniel, and Ilfrith, Elfrith).[4]

He was so named for the youth and wonder of his heart.[5]:23