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Jemima Catlin
Biographical information
Born27 October 1986[1]
EducationArts University at Bournemouth
LocationDorchester, UK
WebsiteJemima Catlin

Jemima Catlin (b. 27 October 1986) is a British artist who illustrated the 2013 edition of The Hobbit and the subsequent Tolkien Calendar 2014.

Early life[edit]

Catlin first encountered The Hobbit when she was 12, as her grandfather was a Tolkien fan and collector. She studied a Diploma in Art and Design at Weymouth College and continued studying Visual Communication at the Arts University at Bournemouth before graduating with a degree in Illustration in June 2010.[2] She lives in Dorchester, England with her husband.[3]

The Hobbit[edit]

Jemima Catlin's illustrated version of The Hobbit

As part of her final project in her degree, Catlin chose to illustrate Roverandom. After sending the images to David Brawn at HarperCollins, he invited her to their offices in London; although Christopher Tolkien did not feel that Catlin's style suited Roverandom, Christopher and his wife Baillie were sufficiently enamoured of her work to commission her to illustrate The Hobbit a year later.[3]

This edition needed to appeal to children, but The Hobbit is loved by all ages so I tried to illustrate it in a way that both audiences would enjoy it. My main influence were Tolkien’s own drawings, I really loved his illustrations and wanted to stay true to how he wanted the characters/landscapes to look. I adore Alan Lee’s work, his style is so detailed and photo-realistic, but so different from my own that I didn’t find it influenced me. I love the films and have seen The Lord of The Rings trilogy numerous times. My depiction of The Hobbit was just how I saw it in my imagination and it happened to be quite different to Peter Jackson’s vision. Tolkien had done lots of illustrations for The Hobbit and these were my inspiration – I really wanted to bring The Hobbit back to its original roots.
—Jemima Catlin on comparison with Alan Lee[4]

The completed version of The Hobbit took over two years to illustrate, included 150 illustrations and was released on 12 September 2013 (the same day as Tolkien Calendar 2014).[5] Two weeks later Catlin exhibited her artwork at The Tolkien Society's Oxonmoot 2013 event. She describes herself as "proud" of her achievement, whilst still expressing a desire to illustrate either Roverandom or The Lord of the Rings.[6]

Artistic style[edit]

Catlin's artistic style has been compared to Tove Jansson (illustrator of The Moomins and a Swedish edition of The Hobbit), E.H. Shepard (Winnie-the-Pooh) as well as the anime style of Studio Ghibli.[2] Catlin herself states that she was only influenced by Tolkien's own drawings whilst deliberately avoiding the films.[3]

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