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Biographical Information
LocationSouth of the Taeglin
ChildrenUnnamed daughter
Physical Description

Larnach was one of the Woodmen in the lands south of the Taeglin.


Larnach and the other woodmen were harried by the Gaurwaith outlaws from Doriath's western borders. During a raid by Andróg and their captain, Forweg, the daughter of Larnach's was straying outside the fenced homestead and the two outlaws pursued her for a mile before Forweg was slain by Neithan, who rejected Larnach’s daughter’s suggestion of also killing Andróg for twice the reward from Larnach.[1]:104 Upon telling the other outlaws what had happened, Andróg later misinterpreted this exchange as his head being offered by Neithan to Larnach as a "bride-price" for his daughter.[1]:105-6

In his search for Túrin, Beleg Strongbow later came upon the fenced homestead that was Larnach's home, and was told of the incident by Larnach's daughter. When Larnach asked Beleg to decipher the strange events, he knew that it was Túrin that they spoke of, and warned them of Orcs gathering in the north. While many of the Woodmen took Beleg's advise, it is unknown if Larnach was among them. If he did, then he sent his daughter to Brethil, yet regardless of whether he did or did not, he either was among the armed men that tried fighting their way into Brethil, or he was killed or captured by the Orcs.[1]:108-9


Larnach is a name of an unknown meaning.


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Unnamed daughter
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