Lembas Extra 2011

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Lembas Extra 2011
Proceedings of the 6th Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor's Lustrum
EditorCécile van Zon

Lembas Extra 2011: Proceedings of the 6th Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor's Lustrum is an issue of the journal Lembas Extra. The issue contains twelve articles and poems (all in English), being the proceedings of the Unquendor's Conference hold at Baarlo in 20-22 May 2011.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • "Preface" by Cécile van Zon (p. 5)
  • Ruth Lacon: "The Art of Ruth Lacon" (pp. 6-15)
  • Alex Lewis: "An Unexpected Party" (pp. 16-26)
  • Renée Vink: "Tolkien versus Wagner, Plus Some Dragontail Soup" (pp. 27-39) & "Der Ring des Nibelungen Synopsis" (pp. 40-2)
  • Pieter Collier: "Collecting Tolkien Books: From Hobbits to Dragons—There and Back Again" (pp. 43-61)
  • Heidi Steimel: "Music in Middle-earth" (pp. 62-73)
  • Luiwe H. Westra: "Once upon a Time... Translating Tolkien into Frisian" (pp. 74-80)
  • Mark T. Hooker: The Frisian Hobbit" (pp. 81-90) & "The Slovenian Hobbit" (pp. 91-6)
  • Tom Shippey: "The Ancestors of the Hobbits, Strange Creatures in English Folklore" (pp. 97-106)
  • Christian Weichmann: "The Right Way to Speak to Dragons: Tolkien's Use of Courtesy" (pp. 107-12)
  • Jessica Yates: "Goths and Huns Revisited, An Abstract" (p. 113)
  • About the Authors (pp. 114-5)

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