Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame

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Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame is the fifth full length album by Summoning. It is their first album to make extensive use of audio samples (taken from radio productions of The Lord of the Rings), giving the album a slight dramaturgic bent.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A New Power Is Rising" – 4:08
  2. "South Away" – 6:04
  3. "In Hollow Halls Beneath the Fells" – 8:56
  4. "Our Foes Shall Fall" – 7:01
  5. "The Mountain King's Return" – 8:53
  6. "Runes of Power" – 5:51
  7. "Ashen Cold" – 6:16
  8. "Farewell" – 9:19