Letter to Amy Ronald (15 March 1969)

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On 15 March 1969, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Amy Ronald.[1][2]


My dear Amy,

Thank you and thank you again! I should have thought one bottle generous beyond my deserts, but five! It is, of course, as impossible to dissuade me from expressing thanks (and delight) as to restrain you from lavishing gifts on an unworthy object!

I am nibbing along, but not getting much done. Things are rather against me: the weather, the correspondence (now falling off, or drained off), and health. My own, which is not v.g. and the energy rather damped down; and Edith's which is precarious and poor although she is very gallant.

I was distressed to find that your own health is not good, and denies you so much. I remember you in prayer. I hope we shall have a chance of meeting again before v. long: when, if it is ever going to, the weather opens up down here in our 'sheltered' nook - which since the end of October, has me out a damp and overshadowed nook - nothing is out, not hardly a greenbud on trees, while up on the windy east cliff the Miramar garden is alight with tulips daffodils and crocuses!

I wondered if you would care to have a copy of the new French version and edition of The Hobbit? It has a hideous jacket; but good paper and type. If so I will get A&U, who have received some from Paris to send you one.

Edith is ill just at present. (My 'secretary' is here for the week-end organizing me.)

But we both send love & all good wishes

Yours sincerely


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