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Lisa Star edited the journal Tyalië Tyelelliéva until 2001. She also used to moderate the Elvish Linguistics mailing list.

Star had criticised the "Elfconners" (Arden Smith, Carl Hostetter, Patrick Wynne, Christopher Gilson) for their publishing methods. On 28 October 1996 she posted in Tolklang her objections and requested a rapid publication of the original material.[1] She would later mention in her website, "There is no love lost between Carl Hostetter and me".[2]

The information she provided has sometimes been criticised as inaccurate or imprecise,[3] such as the reference to the supposed language "Mørk" by Tolkien.[4]

As of 2008 Star apparently has withdrawn from the Tolkien scene and nobody seemed to be able to contact her.[5] Her official website received a final update in March 2009 before eventually disappearing because of Geocities shutting down.[6]

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