Mallorn 18

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Mallorn 18
EditorJenny Curtis
Cover artistPauline Baynes
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterHanway Print Centre
ReleasedJune 1982
FormatA4 stapled paperback
Preceded byMallorn 17
Followed byMallorn 19

Mallorn 18 is the eighteenth issue of the The Tolkien Society's annual journal Mallorn, published in June 1982.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Cover Illustration
  • Editorial
    • By: Jenny Curtis
  • A Phytogeography of Middle-earth
    • By: Karen Goodwin
  • Poem: 'Wanderlust'
    • By: Christine Davidson
  • Art: 'The Making of Arda'
    • By: Geraint Rees
  • Review of Tolkien Criticism: An Annotated Checklist, by Richard C. West
  • Follow-On
    • By: Ley Holloway
  • J.R.R. Tolkien, Translator
    • By: Joe Christopher
  • Poem: 'Green'
    • By: Steve Pillinger
  • Art: 'Cuivienen'
    • By: Ley Holloway
  • Wordhoard
    • By: Janet Gibbs
  • Orthanc and the Onodrim in late Mannish tradition: some West Saxon vestigia
  • A Chronology of the careers of Túrin and Tuor
    • By: Donald O'Brien
  • Arnor: The Númenórean Inheritance
    • By: Marjorie R. Willets
  • Art: 'Aragorn and Arwen at Rivendell'
    • By: Elizabeth Tomkins
  • Tolkien's influence on the Chronicles of Narnia
    • By: Jessica Yates
  • Poem: 'Ar-Feiniel'
    • By: Sara Fletcher
  • Guidelines for Mallorn contributors
  • Where to Write
  • The Tolkien Society
  • Inside Art
    • By: Stephen Lines, Sara Fletcher, Margaret Thompsons, Lucy Matthews, Geraint Rees, Kay Woollard, Anthony Curtis
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