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Manfred Zimmermann

Manfred Zimmermann
Biographical information
EducationPhD from the University of Marburg, Germany
OccupationAuthor, professor, lecturer
LocationCincinnati, Ohio (US)

Manfred Zimmermann is a German author, professor and lecturer.

In 1978 Zimmermann completed his doctorate in German Philology at the University of Marburg,[1] where he worked as a Lecturer at the Institute for Medieval German Philology.[2] Today, Manfred Zimmermann works as an Associate Professor for Medieval German Studies at the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Cincinnati.[3]

[edit] Articles

  • 1983: Mythlore 34
    • "The Origin of Gandalf and Josef Madlener"
  • 1985: Mythlore 41
    • "Miscellaneous Remarks on Gimli and on Rhythmic Prose"
  • 1988: Mittelalter-Rezeption III. Gesammelte Vorträge des Symposions‚ Mittelalter, Massenmedien, neue Mythen
    • "Mittelalter in Mittelerde"
  • 1988: Translations of "The Hobbit" Reviewed (Quettar Special Publication 2)
    • "The Hobbit in Germany"


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