Middle-earth: The Wizards Companion

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Middle-earth: The Wizards Companion
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AuthorMike Reynolds
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises

Middle-earth: The Wizards Companion is a source-book for the MECCG. It contains the same rulings as the little rulebook provided in METW decks, only this time in large format and with extended examples and clarifications. The Wizards Companion also has some scenarios (theme play) for 1 to 5 players, and features color insert maps with lists of playable factions, allies, etc.

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  • Introduction (pg 3)
  • Part I - Starter Rules (pg 12)
  • Part II - Standard Rules (pg 32)
  • Part III - Optional Rules (pg 40)
  • Part IV - An Example of Play (pg 42)
  • Part V - Errata and Clarifications (pg 46)
  • Part VI - Teaching Guidelines (pg 54)
  • Part VII - Tournament Guidelines (pg 55)
  • Part VIII - Basic Strategies (pg 58)
  • Part IX - The Scenario's (pg 59)
  • Part X - The Card Lists (pg 73)
  • Part XI - The Appendices pg 93)

From the publisher[edit]

The perfect reference and resource for players new to METW. In this Companion you'll get the starter deck rules (in larger print!), the complete list of all the Limited Ed. cards, basic strategy tips, a selection of scenarios for playing out specific storylines in Middle-earth, plus solitaire rules. Also included is an 8 page full color NW Middle-earth map insert.