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Neldor was a beech-tree that grew within the fenced arbour of Pen-arduin, the dwelling place of Borlas that was located within the Emyn Arnen of South Ithilien.[1]


Neldor was a tree with a shapely trunk that grew at the central the arbour which lay slightly below Pen-arduin near the steep east bank of the Anduin. It had cool bark and a shapely trunk.[1]

Sometime during the year Fo.A. 220, Borlas was trimming a whistle of green willow with a sharp nail-knife at the arbour of Pen-arduin in the late afternoon. During which, Saelon came upon him and they began having a discussion about the nature of evil. Soon afterwards, Borlas talked rhetorically to Neldor, before deciding to go inside his house.[1]


Neldor is a Sindarin word, meaning "beech". This was the early name of the great beech Hírilorn because that tree had three great trunks and thus the name was formed from neldë ("three") and orn ("tree").[2]



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