South Ithilien

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South Ithilien was the southern lands of Ithilien, from Morgulduin in the north to the River Poros in the south.

The land was a strip of land between Anduin to the west and Ephel Dúath to the east. It was traversed by a portion of the Harad Road from the Crossings of Poros to the Cross-roads; there was another road to Pelargir. Its most notable feature was the hills of Emyn Arnen.[1]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2015: The Lord of the Rings Online:

South Ithilien was an area in the Eastern Gondor region. It consisted of Emyn Arnen and surrounding lands, directly across the river from Lossarnach and the Pelennor Fields. It was connected to Lossarnach in the south-west by crossing the river and to Osgiliath in the north-west. A cliff in the south prevented access to Ithilien south of Lossarnach. The Rangers of Ithilien in the area had their main camp in the ruins of "Bâr Húrin", the abandoned estate of the House of the Stewards, and a smaller camp in the north nearer to Osgiliath.