Orcrist 4

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Orcrist no.4/Tolkien Journal v.4, no.3, whole no.13
Publication Information
EditorRichard C. West
PublisherMadison: University of Wisconsin J.R.R. Tolkien Society
ReleasedIssue 4 1969-1970

Orcrist 4 / Tolkien Journal Vol. 4 no. 3 is an issue of the journal Orcrist and the Tolkien Journal (Tolkien Journal whole number 13).

Includes an extract on page 7 (in Progress Report on the Variorum Tolkien by Richard C. West) from a letter to Caroline Whitman Everett previously published in The Imaginative Fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien (1957). Different extracts were reprinted in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (1981) - see Letter 199. Brief extracts were also reprinted in Tolkien and the Silmarillion (1977) and Mythlore No. 45 (Spring 1986).

Also includes on page 4 (in 'Tolkien and Spiders' by Bob Mesibob) a brief extract from a letter to Richard Lupoff first printed in Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure (1965).

Also included is an extract from a letter first published in Tolkien Journal (Vol. 1, Issue 2). The extract is from a letter in which Tolkien relates details of the saga of the Ace Books Edition of The Lord of the Rings. See page 16 - An Ace Mystery: Did Tolkien Write His Own Retraction by Bonniejean Christensen.[1]

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Details and contents

  • Editor: Richard C. West
  • Art Editor: Ivor A. Rogers
  • Front cover: Bilbo and giant spider -- Pete Poplaski
  • Dedication: In Memoriam: Francis Christensen: He was gold that did not rust
  • "Introduction" (editorial) p. 2
  • "Tolkien and Spiders" -- Bob Mesibov (pp. 3-5)
  • "Errata to Orcrist no. 3" -- The Editor (p. 5)
  • "Progress Report on the Variorum Tolkien" -- Richard C. West (pp. 6-7)
  • "A Dose of Double Dactyls" -- Diverse Hands (pp. 8-10) [Royce Buehler, *Carleton W. Carroll, Paulette Carroll, Duane Dobry, William F. Orr, Richard C. West]
  • "Letters" from Lloyd Alexander (16 January 1969) and Bonniejean Christensen (3 December 1968)
  • "Power in The Lord of the Rings" -- Alexis Levitin (pp. 11-14)
  • "Report from the West: Exploitation of The Hobbit" -- Bonniejean Christensen (pp. 15-16) [Don and Fred Bluth musical, Down in Middle Earth]
  • "An Ace Mystery: Did Tolkien Write His Own Retraction?" -- Bonniejean Christensen (p. 16)
  • "The Insurrection of the Toolies from Twee" -- Joe Snow (pp. 17-18)
  • "Satire" -- Paulette Carroll (pp. 19-20) [Free University course on fantasy]
  • "A Proposal for a Doctoral Dissertation in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison" -- Deborah Webster Rogers (pp. 21-23) [dissertation on J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis; proposal accepted 19 May 1970]
  • Illustrations by: Laura Haglund (pp. 5, 13, 14, 16, 19 ); Pete Poplaski (pp. 3, 8, 12, 14, 15, 20); Ivor Rogers (p. 11, 17, 18); Deborah Webster, Sr. (pp. 5, 19)
  • Back cover: Nazgul in flight -- Laura Haglund


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