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Other Hands 12

From Tolkien Gateway

Other Hands 12 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP.

  • Published: January 1996


  • Editorial: Because we can - Chris Seeman
  • Frontlines - Chris Seeman
  • Communications - Nancy Martsch, Sarah Storch, Jesse Dallin, Sam Daish
  • Digital Hands - Fredrik Ekman
  • A Taste of Things to Come (Near Harad) - Wesley Frank
  • The Balchoth - Luke Potter
  • The Bozishnarod: Using the cultures of Far Harad in MERP - Mark Thorne, Jason Mulligan
  • Aggressiveness and Morale for Non-player Characters - Bernie Roessler
  • Mapping Middle-earth: An interview with Pete Fenlon - Chris Seeman
  • Arda Lore:
    • What does "Carn Dûm" mean? - Chris Seeman, Patrick Wynne
    • Was Harondor forested? - Wesley Frank
    • What ever happened to the Blue Wizards? - Tommy Martin
    • Who is the Necromancer? - Chris Seeman, Anders Blixt
    • And what about the Witch-King? - Steffen Solomon, Wesley Frank, Chris Seeman
    • What is the nature of magic in Middle-earth? - Chris Pheby
  • Product Review: Dol Guldur - Chris Seeman
  • Product Review: Angmar - Jason Vester
  • Product Review: Angmar (A Second Review) - Chris Seeman
  • Product Review: Mirkwood - Chris Seeman
  • Card Catalogue for Middle-earth: The Wizards - John W. Curtis III