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Other Hands 13

From Tolkien Gateway

Other Hands 13 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP.

  • Published: April 1996


  • Editorial: Full Circle - Chris Seeman
  • Frontlines - Chris Seeman
  • Communications - Mark Thorne, Bernie Roessler,
  • Digital Hands - Fredrik Ekman
  • Frontlines - Chris Seeman
  • A Taste of Things to Come: Southern Rhûn - Mike Campbell
  • A Brief History of the Kingdom of Hithlum - Michael Martinez
  • An Interview with Jessica Ney-Grimm - Chris Seeman
  • Arda Lore: What is the Nature of Magic in Middle-earth? - Dirk Brandherm
  • New Middle-earth: Exploring Beyond the Mountains - Martin Baker
  • Product Review: Creatures of Middle-earth - Bjorn Asle Taranger
  • Product Review: Middle-earth Role Playing: Second Edition - Anarsil Istaratan
  • A New MERP Profession: The Mariner - Anarsil Istaratan
  • Product Review: Southern Gondor: The People - Mark Thorne
  • Product Review: Southern Gondor: The People ... A second review - Luke Potter