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Parma lambe Quenyanna

Parma lambe Quenyanna
AuthorMinas Tsoulis
PublisherI Agnosti Kadath

The Parma lambe Quenyanna, or Το βιβλίο πάνω στη γλώσσα της Quenya (Greek: The book on the language Quenya) is a grammar book of Quenya.

It includes grammatical and syntactical rules of Quenya that are explained in Greek. In addition, a CD is provided that has examples of pronunciation. Natasa Makri, Aggeliki Sofia Charistou and Minas Tsoulis have provided their voices for the CD.

The first chapter deals with phonology starting from the letters of Quenya to pronunciation and intonation. The second part deals with grammar and syntax ranging from verbs and their tenses to nouns and their cases. The final chapter addresses Tengwar. Every chapter includes exercises on a specific aspect of Quenya; the answers of those exercises are provided at the end of the book.